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Use this screen to tell us a little about yourself. For now, we just need to know your current age. When you're ready, press next and we'll begin to understand more about your financial situation.

Use this screen to log net employment income. The model assumes you continue to receive the figure listed annually, being revalued each year by the growth rate until the ending age is reached. If you have no expenses or contributions towards investments, the full amount will be credited to your investment capital balance.

Use this screen to log annual expenses. The model assumes you continue to incur the figure listed annually between reaching start age and reaching end age, being revalued each year by the growth rate until the ending age is reached. Expenses are subtracted from your balance each year if you are at least start age, and have not reached end age.

In addition to any expense item(s) above, add a cost of living expense equivalent to 70% of my projected income

This is your starting capital (ie equities and cash) and the 'rate of return' is the long term rate after inflation and tax of your starting capital plus all surplus income from earnings and cash after deducting living and other expenses. Based on historic returns from 1926, realistic long-term projections (10 years+) should be in the 5 to 7% range, so a realistic net return after allowing for inflation is 3%-5%. The default rate of return is set at 3% but can be adjusted.

Use this screen to log extraordinary events such as college fees for a dependent child, an inheritance credit, funds realised by downsizing a house, or selling an asset. The model assumes the amount received (or debited if a negative figure is given) is revalued between this year and the year it comes into force by the revaluation percentage. For example, if you own a property which increases in value at 3%pa, is currently worth 100,000, and is to be sold in ten years, the amount credited to your investment capital that year will be 134,391.64, reflecting ten years of compounded interest. After that, it attracts whatever rate of interest you give for the investment capital tab.

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This screen allows you to test your NPV projection against various insurable risks. Incidents are expressed as having a start age (the age at which the incident begins) and are incurred until an end age is reached. The incident can include an escalating annual expense (such as a medical bill) and/or a percentage based reduction in each income you have modelled. For example, you may wish to model a critical illness event, incurring treatment costs of 25000 per year for three years, and impacting your earnings by reducing your earned income from employment by 80% for the duration.

You may toggle the scenario modelling on/off using the 'enacted' button below



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This page can be printed to provide a consolidated reference for your model. You may also make alterations to your model by changing any of the figures listed here.

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We have sourced the following {{specialties.length}} income profiles from Medscape.com*. Please choose the specialty which most closely matches your chosen field of study.

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* Data Source :Young Physicians Compensation Report 2016 (Sep 6, 2016)